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Subject:um... racist kids...? o.o
Time:04:46 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
Okay, as is the case with my last dealie... I'm known for my long-winded stories. That's my warning... sorry if I'm boring. XD

I loves my MMORPGs. No, not Warcraft or Guild Wars... I just stick to free ones because I play too many. XD
And I'm a dork and actually create and roleplay my characters in the game. o.o;;

Anyway, I'm playin' up some Maple Story, which, for those who don't know, is a sickeningly cute side-scroller where half the fun is dressing up your little chibi character. And they make facial expressions instead of just emoticons. teehee.
At a first glance, it looks like a kids' game, so it's understandable that it attracts a relatively younger gaming populous. I've been asked many times in-game why I don't play Warcraft or something else.
It's cute, okay?!? XD
Bleh. But yeah, you can customize your little chibi's appearance by their hair, face, and skin tone. So most of mine look like me and have the so-named "tanned" skin tone. Not the "dark," mind you, but "tanned."

So I'm running around in the game and find a guy who's character appears to be a ["pale" toned] beginner, but he's obviously not new to the game. Not so unusual. So I said to him what I say to everyone else attempting to get other players to do their work for them.

*snickers* Here is the conversation that followed... as best transcribed as possible considering the game interface. (word for word, with his successful bypassing of language filters. -__- )

Him: [to me, repeatedly] buying blu snail shells
Mer: Um, go get them yourself... plenty of snails here. [walks away, annoyed face]
Him: black ppl r all the same sh!t
Me: [stops, blinks, walks away, ignoring]
Him: [follows] black ppl r all the same sh!t!!!
Me: [stops] Um... wow. wtf.
Him: u think ur all sh!t u niger <--(note the spelling, lol)
Me: [shocked face] You don't even know if I'm black or not. I could be Latina for all you know.
Him: u think ur all sh!t
Me: ... whatever, dude. [walks away]
Him: [follows] ur all the same sh!t
Me: Um, you can leave now. [keeps walking]
Him: [still follows] ur all the same sh!t
Me: Yeah, that's quite the vocab you've got. [keeps walking attempting to lose him]
Him: ur all sh!t
Him: ur all donkey sh!t
Me: [stops] LMAO!!! wtf is wrong with you?!?!? [keeps going after my good laugh IRL]
Him: [is lost off-screen] ur all jus donkey sh!t u nigers <--(note the spelling again)

I lost him for a few sweet minutes, but he passed by and started it all over again, the little idiot. But revenge was served nicely:

Him: [passing by] hello donkey sh!t
Me: [stands on ledge, unamused silence]
Him: buying blu snail shells
Him: to the donkey sh!t buying blu snail shells
Me: [smiles] heh.
Him: [stands on ground below] wat u grining 4 donkey sh!t
Him: u no im right
Me: [continues to smile]
Him: u no ur donkey sh!t
-- [a mob of weak monsters immediately ploughs him over] --
Him: [as a ghost] donkey sh!t
Me: [big smile] Aaaand... that's why you died. [reports him for harassment, defames him, and walks away, unscathed] Laterz!

XD, yes, behold my nerdy moment of video game glory.

But on a serious note... I really wonder about this kid.
I'm guessing he could be no older than 14, MAYbe... and no younger than about 10, but the first thing that ran through my mind was, is he serious? lol

And if he was serious, it made me wonder even further. My questions became, where on earth is this kid from, and how does he think this way?
I've rarely seen a racist child, because that's not something a kid could understand....... unless this thinking is instilled in them.

So. Is it credible to wonder what garbage his parents have been feeding his brain? Or..... could it have been from "too much TV," as is them blame for everything else?
I'd like to think that racsism is a dying concept in today's popular culture and society.
I won't be naive and say that it doesn't still exist... for many of us know this fact all too well...
This kid, as young and ridiculous as he was, is just small evidence that it's somehwere still alive and thriving.

Makes me wonder if I should be worried about other kids these days. -__-

[/end nerdy-rambling-gone-social-commentary]
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Time:05:53 am
Current Mood:awake too early
I've actually began feeling more comfortable with myself since I began acknowledgeing having both origins (black and white) in my recent heritage. I don't know, maybe I thought of myself as only white and didn't realize it. I thought I didn't subscribe to any race at all and thouht of myself as me but I don't know... I think I've been avoiding realizing what made me my whole life.
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Current Music:Double Bass-- Gorillaz
Subject:*laughs* -- Oh noes, black people!
Time:10:23 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused
Okay, first off... I'm notorious for my long-winded stories. XD Sorry in advance if I'm boring. But I find this amusing.

College kid here. Entering my third credit year. Confined to the dorms still, but we're a fun and crazy house. lol.
Anyhoo, I'm at an art school, so there's an amazing crowd of kooky and fun people to see and meet, myself included. But what's really neat is the diversity here... not what I had expected, really. People of all nationalities and ethnicities coexist, in what seems to be a peaceful manner. Though there are incredible amounts of Asian kids here... not really surprising at all. lol.
However, even with enough diversity to make D.I.A. proud, one can still run into the occassional student who seems to have lived in a social/cultural/geographical box.

I wondered if I had found a couple more when I made the observation that my roomate and I.... scare the shit out of our neighbors. XD

We weren't sure at first... they're both freshman girls, so we thought maybe they were shy... or thought that talking to upperclassmen was odd or something. I dunno. We gave them the benefit of the doubt.
But I started to wonder why one of them would quickly shuffle past whenever I gave a friendly "Hello!" and wave. Without a word or so much as eye-contact, even. The first time was understandable... but every time after...? I was just trying to be a friendly neighbor.
I see them both at the bas stop pretty often. And I nod. And wave.
No response.... just aversion of eye-contact again.

I told my roomie, who reported the same non-responses from both of them... and even better, she bumped into one of them (who's kind of... large... and easy to bump into) once and politely apologized. The girl picked up her books, mumbled something along the lines of "S-s-s-sorry," and shuffled quickly into her room.
Lol, my roomie also once had a pair of shoes sitting outside the door to dry, and the other neighbor girl, who's really small and mousy, must have accidentally kicked them on her way by. Roomie was coming the other way and saw her move the shoes and was about to apologize for leaving them in the way..... but the mousy girl immediately put down her stuff, gathered the shoes, straightened them to the way they were, got her stuff, yelled "Sorry!" and practically ran away down the hall. O__o

My roomie and I laughed hard at that one, but we really did wonder why we spook them so much.

I should add that yes, our neighbors are white, and we are both black. I should also add that while I am small (5' 2"!), yappy, and pretty harmless... my roomate, conversely, is nearly six feet of metal and darkness-wearing silent attitude, with an unintended habit of being rather intimidating. O__o (random little piccy if you're curious. Guess who's who. =P ) Friends and I note that she scares boys away... but maybe small neighbor girls too?

But if that's the case... why do they shrink away whenever either of us are coming? lol
We tested this further when one of our non-black friends was over to visit. He's Asian-Caucasian, so says he. Anyway, he stood outside our room, pretending to look over the balcony or something. Sure enough, one of the neighbors came by, and he waved and said hello.
ZOMG, response!!

Lol, we claimed then that something was definitely up... and for now we just joke about them being scared of black people. Which is ridiculous... just glancing into their window, we'd get along just fine. We like a lot of the same bands, watch the same shows... heck, we even own the same manga. (yeah, we're dorks, I know.) I wonder if they know that we're not just "scary black girls?" =P

Hah, I thought I should feel like... insulted... or discriminated... or something, but I just can't stop laughing about it. It amuses me greatly.

((walks up to white neighbors)) "Boo!"
((they scream and dive under the bed))

I'm done. Just thought I'd share.

-- Suketchi
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Current Music:There's No Such Thing As Robots - sTR
Time:10:36 pm
Please 5-start these guys! They're in the quarterfinals for MTVU's latest competition. They're great; they MySpace, and Josh+Nick+Katie=theSEX. Plus, before Katie,  they used to come to Arby's and recognize me all randomly from MySpace! ;P Listen to The Artful Dodger, it's a fav of mine... enjoy it. and PLEASE VOTE!

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Thank you!

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Time:10:33 pm
what do you guys think about this?

this is the original video

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Current Music:Until the Day I Die,Story of the Year
Subject:Black with "mental issues"
Time:01:18 pm
Current Mood:crankycranky
Hey guys,

I don't know if I introduced myself(maybe? who knows), but I am Firebrandcutie. I don't know how to begin this, so I might as well jump into it. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with Depression, which recently was found out to be Borderline Personaility Disorder. Anyway, as a self-disclaimer, I warn people because I don't want people thinking I am this evil bitch when in fact I either 1) am being a bitch or 2) It's my illness. I don't like hiding behind it, but yeah, it does some damage. Anyway,I ended up becoming friends with someone who was the same race as me and yadda yadda, so I decided it was time to give her THE TALK. Well, it didn't go over too well. Here's a reenactment:

CollegeGirlbuddahfly(notme): Black people don't have depression or any mental problems. That's just a white person invention. You just want to be white anyway so that's why you are even saying that. Black people don't have mental problems, they go to church.

Me: OK, so basically the people there who don't have mental problems go to church where they don't have issues?

CGB: Yea, you need to go to church and stop trying to be white.

Me: No thanks, I'm atheist.

/pans fly out and hit me in the head..various teachers pass out...and the girl that was hitting on me informs me that I am going to hell.

Well, after that, I held this belief or whatever that it appears that not alot of blacks talk about mental health....or they just supress it. Are there ANY people of color who admit depression, bipolar, anything? Or am I the lone crazy?
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Time:12:39 pm
Hey guys, I'm a member of negroclash and I noticed that a lot from that group hate you guys. I was amazed to find a group called, debunkingoreos, but I never knew the reason for all the hate. So I made a post about it.

Here is a summary of the comments:

"I despise oreos because an overwhelming majority of its members use the persecution that they've received from other black people for deviating from the status quo as an excuse to completely separate themselves from the black community as a whole."

"It's because they give black people who have knowledge of things *white a bad reputation.

they see their being black as a huge negative. they go around pretending to be white and hating their black skin. the simple notion of "oreo" itself is a clear statement of the problem. black on the outside white on the inside. their unofficial motto, "its the inside that counts right? umm, then im an oreo bithes!". if you happen to like some things classically labeled white, sweet, welcome to the club. but dont go around non verbally (and in some cases verbally) labeling yourselves as white. dont go, "EWWW Hip hop!" when you secretly like nelly or even little brother (a stretch i know). oreos glare at the other black person in a 2token situation, and through their eyes their thoughts can easily be read, "like, this is MY party dont fuck it up cause like my foothold with these friends like isnt strong enough for two of us, find your own!", and thats how you know their an oreo rather then just a black person who happens to be clueless about black people. oreos are fully aware that there is an 'us' and they ignore it or rather try to evict themselves from the club. for this i dislike them. that and they wear colored contacts."

"I think some people just need something to hate on. If it's not the goths it's the oreos, etc.

There is a lot of self-hate and misunderstading about what it means and doesn't mean to be a black person in Oreos, but considering most of those people just don't have an outlet or understanding that there are a lot of blacks who don't "fit the sterotype"... to me, it makes sense. Also, when they end up being rejected by people they consider their peers (say some of the members here who "are black but listen to 'white music'") it just makes all that self-hate/shame-for-being-born-black-thing even worse.

To, like you, put it simply, I've noticed one major reason why it seems the people here don't like the people in Oreos; most NC people aren't ashamed of who and what they are, but many Oreos quite frequently are.

Negroclash is for blacks who recognize and accept the fact that they are black and listen to non-sterotypical music/have non-sterotypical tastes, whereas, many of Oreos members are ashamed to be black *because* they listen to non-sterotypical music/have non-sterotypical tastes."

The post in its entirety is here:

What do you guys think about this? Do you think any of what they're saying is true? Do you disagree? Do you guys hate negroclash?
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Time:11:03 pm
Black White. Have any of you been watching it? Have any opionions?

Personally, though the casting is a bit less extreme in this case than in most 'reality' T.V, (though I hesitate to call this reality television, because the people aren't selfishly competing for somthing, and it's less about drama than it is about seeing what America is like on a racial basis,) it still seems as if the choices for familes that they chose were, in a sense, done diliberatly as to make there be more drama. However, I may just trying to give both white and black people too much credit; perhaps most white Americans are as idealistic and ignorant as the white parents, and perhaps most black Americans are hypersensitive to racial issues. I don't like jumping to that conclusion, though, because it's almost as if that's what the producers want me to think.

I think Rose has the most sense out of all of them, and I respect her the most out of all of the people there.

M'kay, I'm done. Thoughts? I'm curious to know what other people think on this.
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Current Music:David Arkenstone - Angels in the Snow
Time:01:08 am
Current Mood:tiredtired
Just joined like, two seconds ago.

Hi! *waves* I'm Mercury, and that's me in the icon (like that isn't obvious...anyway).

I'm mixed, generally black and white, specifically: Irish, Scottish, African, Souix, Cherokee (no really, I swear), and French-Canadian. Due to this amalgom of cultural heritage, I don't tend to put much of an emphasis on race...actually, I don't tend to think about race at all most days. To confuse people, I often just tell them I'm Irish and skip the rest. It's fun. Unfortunately, the people around me seem to notice race a lot.

I remember in elementary school I told a girl I had a crush on a boy and she responded (with slight distain), "But...you're black and he's white!" As if I were physically incapable of crushing on a different race. o_O Those types of oddities have followed me my entire life. People will tell racist jokes in front of me and when I act irritated they will say, in all seriousness, "Oh shit, I'm sorry, I forgot you were black!" I've had a girl go, "Oooh, lookit you tryin' to sound all white," just for speaking in a normal tone of voice. I told a girl I was against affirmative action (on the grounds that anti-discrimination laws are enough, and I should have to work for my goals instead of having them handed to me) only to be told, "I can't believe you're so racist against your own race!" To date, the only people who have ever hit on me without previously knowing me have been black rappers. (I still long to be swept off my feet by a scrawny, pale punk kid, but I'm starting to think it's just not going to happen.)

Time after time I try to explain to people that race doesn't matter. That human beings are 99.9% genetically similar (okay fine, so I just heard that on Oprah today, but it's true!), so our outward appearance really doesn't have any bearing on our personalities. That honestly, truly, I'm not kidding, I should be judged by the content of my character, not the color of my skin. But most people, black, white or otherwise, just don't seem to get it.

In high school I started referring to myself as a "double-stuff oreo" (you know, a little black on the outside, a lot of white on the inside) because it was the only thing that kept people from associating me with the "ghetto" culture. *rolls eyes* I hate the ghetto culture. I hate the "music," the materialism, the emphasis on superficiality, the de-emphasis on education, the absolute obsession with sex...all of it. I don't care what color you are, if you wear your pants around your goddamn ankles and can't finish a sentence without some kind of ebonics, I hate you, and I'm unashamed of it. Because (and this is very important to remember) you make me look bad! You make me have to be constantly challenging people's perceptions of "black culture" because most of the United States equates "ghetto culture" with "black culture" and it drives me absolutely insane.

My likes? My culture? I'm a geek. I listen to celtic music and write (slash) fan fiction and play video games. Actually, I listen to all kinds of music, with the exception of rap/hip-hop (I still haven't been able to figure out a difference between the two, could anyone enlighten me?), r&b, soul...actually when I think of it, the only black artists I really like are Thelonius Monk and Nat King Cole (which is not to say any of those genres are inherantly "black" but you must admit they are dominated by, and were created by, black people)...I don't even like Lenny Kravitz (but that has solely to do with how his music sucks ass). =Þ And really, it has nothing to do with race, I just don't like the way it sounds. My favorite musical genre is early 90's alternative like Screaming Trees and The Lemonheads and Matthew Sweet. Somehow Usher just doesn't fit in there. And again, the music reminds me of the culture I dispise, so yes, I'm a bit predjudiced about it.

I'm tired of being told I'm not "black" enough because I choose to use correct diction (and Californian slang. I was born in the valley. I call people dude. There is nothing wrong with this). I'm tired of being told I'm not "proud" of my race because I dislike a certain musical genre. I'm tired of feeling marginalized by black people in general (most of the racism I've encountered in my life has been from black people. I don't know why).

I'M TIRED OF RACE ALTOGETHER! I'd like it to go away now. If we all looked like that cover of TIME magazine where they combined all the facial variations on earth and it ended up looking like, lo and behold, a mixed woman, life might be a little easier. But I'd rather we all just stopped paying attention to race in any form and started paying attention to personalities instead.

I hadn't intended this to become a diatribe, but a diatribe it has become. Oh well, I'm here and you probably won't hear from me much. I'm a bit of a lurker. But it's nice to meet all of you, and I hope we get along. ^_^
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Time:12:18 pm
Current Mood:nervousnervous
i guess i should introduce myself as well
hi, my name is Jess
im 19 and i live in Columbus, GA
and yes.

now i have smth to say. hopefully without getting flammed to much.

1. i am angry that people assume i want a white man because i want someone who is on my same level intellectually. why cant i want an intelligent black man? are they taboo or something?
2. i hate being made fun of because i dont fit into the general populations stereotype for 'black' people.
3. i am tired of black people telling me that people are people, and that i shouldnt stereyotype black people with saggy clothes and bad grammar, but they can stereotype me and call me an oreo
4. i hate black people telling me i dont want to be black
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