I completed a programming project I had been planning/buidling for months called L33T Interpreter. If you cant tell by the name the program translates/encrypts in Leet. It also uses various other encryption styles that I made (i.e. numerical and reverse). Im still installing the decrypter for it but other than that the rest of the program works, quite well I might add. I plan on adding more to it in the near future (i.e. more encryption styles and a save to file command, as well a user interface->its written for command prompt currently <-). I will eventually make a version of it for web usage, it should be part of my Livejournal Bio when I do.
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Today on the bus I witnessed a couple of thugs (well one out of the two who were there) no older than 17 years old grab this asian girl's ipod just before they got off the bus. I was sitting less than 5 feet away and the whole thing happened so fast I hardly knew what was happening before they were gone. It was one of those double buses and the driver had started driving again before the girl could get up to the front to tell the driver what went down. I was holding on to my purse tightly, like I always do, thankfully. But the whole thing makes me so embarassed to be black, and I am thankful every morning that I am light skinned and look mixed with latin or Asian and some other things too. I feel so bad because that asian girl and so many others are going to find it almost impossible to get over their stereotypes of black people because of what happened to her. We always see our people on the news shooting, killing fighting and stealing, and we glorify it in our music videos and think that drug dealers are entrepeneurs (sp, I know!). I am scared of most of my own people now. I don't want to associate with them or be around them. situations like the one I saw today makes me even worse. I know this sounds a little harsh but it is how I feel. Every time I see one of them coming down the same street I am with their shirts and pants 20 sizes too big and are down so low that if they bend over I experience a full moon, I just want to cross to the other side, it's gotten that bad for me.

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20-Something Black Femmes Social Group

Hey, it's been AGES since I've posted in this community. Shame on me. Shame. On. Me. But at least I've re-started for a good cause :)

I started this group on a site called meetup.com, for black 20-something females in the Toronto area who I describe as "a little bit hip hop and a little bit rock and roll." Ok, I know a lot of people in this community don't like hip hop, but that's not the point. Basically it's a group for young black women who are interested in music, cultures, art or movies that are off the beaten track. People might label us 'washed' or poseurs, but so be it. I've just started the group, so I'm hoping to see it grow over the next couple of weeks; I think it would fill a void and help like-minded women get together for events and such.

Anyway, rambling (as I tend to do), if you're interested or know someone who might be check out the Craigslist post at: http://toronto.craigslist.org/grp/212380189.html. This will in turn take you to the meetup.com group page.


Let's liven things up

This community is a little sleepy lately, so I thought I'd wake it up. I've got two things to contribute: an incident I was recently involved in, and a book I've been reading.

Shit, the incident description got really long, I'll talk about the book in another post.

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The thing about this story is, this is the response I always get from street vendor rappers. I mean, I’ve never been followed before (that was extra-super crazy) , but I’ve been yelled at, demeaned, and called a race traitor in so many words because I don’t want to buy a rap CD from some guy on the street. I once had a guy respond to my polite, “No thanks, it’s not really my kind of music,” with, “WELL FUCK YOU TOO, THEN!” I’ve heard the phrase, “Help a brother out,” more times then I care to mention, and that’s the sentiment that really pisses me off. This tells me that they’re expecting me to buy their CD solely because we share a skin color, like it shouldn’t matter that I don’t like the music and don’t want the CD, I should just give them money because hey, we’re supposed to be family. Well, I don’t buy it (no pun intended). I am under no obligation to buy something I don’t want just because the seller happens to be black.

Your thoughts?
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Hi there, I just joined this community. It looked dead, but I think if we post enough we can rez it (I don't want to pay the XP cost :P).

Time for stuff about me!
My name is Stephen Meriles, a young man of philosphy, logic and fanfics from New York. I'm of Bolivian and Irish heritage. Though I'm not black, I kinda understand how it feels like to be persucated for what you look like and what you act like, even not to be thought of as a person of your race (though, in all fairness, my skin color is rather pale looking). However, I am not in the least ashamed that I don't fit others expectations. Neither did Arastotle, King or Gandi.

Nows fors other stuff...um, YAY!:

I'm from New York, but now I live in Long Pond, PA (moved about a month ago). I have 6 family members in my house: Me, my two brothers, mother, father and grandfather. I also have a (Mean! j/k) calico cat and a pitbull/black lab puppy (who humps and bites almost everyone!) I have a girlfriend in New York named Elizibeth, who I luv very much, who is into MySpace, Underworld and is currently occupied with Loveless (A manga. From the description on wikipedia, it seems like it's about cat people, a rather ambiguously gay duo and casting magic missle into the darkness, lol). I play a couple of video games, such as Halo 2, World of Warcraft, Day of Defeat and, the all time greatest, most vesitle game ever written into the book that is reality, Dungeons and Dragons (got a little carried away there). I love watching Rooster Teeth productions such as Red vs. Blue and P.A.N.I.C.S. (which stands for People Acting Normally in Crazy-Ass Situations). I am a lover of the Venture Bros., especially the Monarch. Here's a quote from the show:

The Monarch: (talking about Phantom Limb to Jollyrancher82) "That chode she's with, that's Phantom Limb. In college he was a scrawny little wuss. In a desperate attempt to be cooler than guys like me, he had his 12 year old roommate create a machine that speeds up the muscle building process. The machine worked so well that every molecule in his extremities was accelerated beyond the speed of light. There were two side effects. One! He could mess up a guy just by touching him. And two! He became a humorless dick!"

I'm also a deep thinker, philosopher, and humanist. I sometimes go through the internet with nothing more to hear peoples thoughts and opinions. I walk the incredibly thin line between republican and democrat, leaving me in a gray area, watching all others (*Insert porn refrence here*).

I am also a giant anime and manga fan. I love Fullmetal Alchemist (the one with the gnome who can clap his hands and make magicy things with metal armor as a brother), Ghost in the Shell (the one with the chick who is a robot with over-sized boobies!) and Read or Die (the one where lesbians have the powers to mess up people with paper!) in particular. I am actaully writing a fanfic that I hope will be turned into a manga, then an anime and know world wide (it's a rip of the three above, except the gnome doesn't have a metal brother and is really creepy with sunglasses, the woman has no boobies and the lesbians are replaced with a fat guy)

My Google quote of the day.

If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and color, we would find some other cause for prejudice by noon.
- George Aiken

Aw, it's funny 'cause it's true...and it's funny 'cause it's sad.

Except that we've found so many other prejudices already, I doubt it would take until noon...[/pessimism]
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